Varonis Master License Agreement

(a) In view of the materials granted by STATS that are granted to the licensee under this agreement, the licensee agrees to pay the taxes set out in the corresponding factory regulations. Licensing agreements must be verified and approved by the DOJ if the value exceeds the threshold for verification and approval of the legal sufficiency, if the agreement is intended for national use or where it is not otherwise exempt. (f) The licensee grants STATS a non-exclusive global license for the use of the licensee`s name, logo and trademarks in connection with STATS` regular advertising, marketing and press releases. This is the license agreement for the Varonis application for QRadar. Click here to view our site privacy policy. (e) “work order”: all order documents (which may be called “order” or “order form”) that are exported by both parties subject to the terms of this agreement and define the content, products and/or services that STATS has permission to provide to the licensee. Every authorized buyer is responsible for ensuring that he has a licensing agreement that meets the requirements of the state (or for non-governmental organizations, authorized buyers) for any software used by his employees, contractors or agents. (c) full agreement; Construction. This agreement replaces all other agreements and agreements reached so far between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and can only be amended, amended or amended by an agreement signed by each of the parties. In order to avoid any doubt, all directives, conditions and conditions of the taker that are transmitted or made available to STATS by or on behalf of the licensee are deemed to be non-avenues, whether these directives, conditions or conditions were transmitted or made available to STATS before or after the implementation of the agreement. In addition, this agreement was developed in English and the parties jointly developed and/or approved the language of the provisions of this agreement. In the event of a dispute over the interpretation of a provision of this provision, neither party is considered the author, neither such language nor language is likely to be interpreted in favour of or against either party.

The titles of this agreement are used only for reference purposes and do not affect the interpretation of this agreement. (c) The licensee does not have the right to provide the materials granted, directly or indirectly, without the express written permission of STATS, in a manner other than that expressly defined in this agreement for sublicensing, co-brand, co-market, white label, distribution, syndicate or any other form.