Csu 52 Agreement

On July 7, 2020, the Alberta government announced Bill 32: Restoring Balance in the Alberta`s Workplaces Act, but in reality it is far from balanced. With Bill 32, UCP breaks a long-standing agreement between labour, employers and the government. Learn more about the historic evolution of the peace agreement (an agreement that brought decades of stability to work, which has contributed significantly to the economic development of Alberta and Canada) and how Bill 32 departs from compromises. csu52.org/ucp-abandons-decades-long-agreement/ Your negotiating committee has worked hard to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement for the 52 CSU members within EPCOR. Our last round of negotiations was on February 13, 2015; parties have not been able to reach an agreement. Like ARead More, a collective agreement has been ratified. The city continues to implement. City of Edmonton Contractual Unit Meeting Learn more about your rights as collaborators based on your contract. Topics covered are: `Bereavement Holidays` – Unpaid Leave – Coffee and Lunch Breaks – Overtime and amRead More I was happy to stop by THE CSU 52 office – Union 52 Civic Service and talk to its staff! Posted 12/6/2019 We are looking for two members of the EPL-at-Large to join CSU 52 and the EPL`s Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Deadline: December 16, 2019 The Memorandum of Understanding between Capital Power and CSU 52 has been ratified by membership. Changes that need to be completed by the employer New collective agreement, which will be exchanged as soon as possible in the coming months. 29.03.2019 Please come to us on April 3, along with the growing list of co-hosting associations to understand the issues facing Albertans working in the upcoming election. Members, you are invited to an important general meeting to be held online via Zoom.

Registration and card transport status are required. Capital Power, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Public Library, EPCOR, News, TELUS World of Science Edmonton Posted May 22, 2015 City of Edmonton The 2014-2018 collective agreement between CSU 52 and the City of Edmonton is being corrected between the parties. It is expected to be completed by the end of June 2015. Edmonton Public Library The 2014-2018 Read more with our general meeting on January 6, 2015, all CSU 52 General Membership and Shop Stewards meetings will be held in edmonton On the lower level of the Stanley Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. Update 24.12.2019 The CSU 52 publishing committee has published a new issue of The Advocate (volume 19, issue 4, winter 2019). Added: Agenda – December 1 General Assembly – Minutes – October 13 Office Meeting More… The quorum was not reached for the special meeting scheduled for July 29, 2020 at kingsway Legion, so no cases were made. All proposed amendments (CSU 52 Constitution – Statutes and Union 52 Benevolent Statutes of Corporations) will be postponed until 2021.

Published June 19, 2018 The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act sets minimum standards for safe and healthy practices in Alberta workplaces. These laws are enforced through inspections, investigations, orders, administrative penalties, fines and prosecutions. OHS Act Effective AmendmentsPower Read more 5/23/2019 “Let`s Talk About Sexual Harassment in Libraries” – EPL Members, please attend the next Union Office Contract Unit Meeting. Posted July 3, 2015 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival Sponsored by the Members – Community Support Committee of the Union 52 Benevolent Society. Don`t forget to vote in the election of the board of directors. You can vote with your membership card number and salary/employee number if civicserviceunion52.simplyvoting.com/ Welcome to our Re-Union Re-Discover the purpose and spirit of Union Re-View the union`s influence on Canadian society… Re-Flect on the current state of affairs for workers Reinventing the Way forward 8/27/2019 We are proud to be one of the many organizations supporting this year`s Lift the Silence for Mental Wellness event in recognition of International Suicide Prevention Day.