Choreographer Agreement

The choreographic convention is used when a producer hires a choreographer to provide choreography services. This agreement engages the choreographer as an independent contractor, not as a collaborator. The choreography for most programs should last less than 3:00 minutes. The maximum length of the piece for other productions is determined by the intendant. ARTIST is committed to clearly crediting and identifying ADC in text, print, other printed documents or video credits. If no written material is printed, ARTIST undertakes to grant credits orally as part of the presentation. 2. Compensation: In full compensation for the choreographer`s services in connection with these engravings, producers When they share or recompose works or part of the work originally created by aDC, ARTIST agrees to pay tribute to Aerial Dance Chicago in a prominent place. This includes, among other things, but not repositioning on another company, reinstalling for an event or festival, using working videos for a scholarship or festival application, sharing on video, sharing on social networks or showing any other type of projection of the work. ADC offers studio rehearsal room for air dance, professional dancers in highly trained contemporary dance and aerial dance forms, costume options, professional lighting, marketing and a live, professional presentation of work in a manipulated air dance venue. When you post/share ADC activity media, ARTIST agrees to mark @aerialdancechicago directly and prominently in the first line of text. In case the day is not possible, the artist agrees to assign “Aerial Dance Chicago” the full name of the company in the first line of text. ARTIST receives $15 an hour to work in the studio with the dancers and $100 for the performance of the work.

ARTIST also receives $50 for each future instance in which the work is performed. 1. Services: The producer hereby hires choreographers for work days (hours for samples and hours during production) between `20` and `20` (planned for ` but which may change according to the schedule), the days that are set by the producer and choreographer (the term) to provide all the choreography services necessary as a choreographer for the image. Such services are usually provided in the film industry by first-class choreographers. These services are mainly rendered in the choreographer`s achievements as part of this subs trick will take place on a non-exclusive but priority basis. “This work was originally created by the support of Aerial Dance Chicago.”