Bilateral Agreement Traduction Francais

other countries, in accordance with the conditions set out in a relevant bilateral or multilateral agreement. a bilateral agreement between a Member State and a third country that the Swiss Confederation authorizes, on the basis of a bilateral agreement with that country, the Swiss Confederation, with a view to amending or concluding a bilateral investment agreement, provided that a bilateral agreement providing for its participation is concluded with that country. Behaviour of Member States in a Bilateral Investment Agreement with a Third Country Major changes to designs validated under a bilateral agreement When a bilateral investment agreement enters the scope of this regulation, the Relevant Member State communicates the results of the negotiations to the Commission and communicates to the Commission the text of such an agreement before the signing of a bilateral investment agreement. Controls in third countries under a bilateral agreement For the purposes of this regulation, a bilateral investment agreement refers to any agreement with a third country that contains provisions relating to investment protection. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, plus . . . . . Results: 251. Precise data: 251.

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