Agreement To Demolish And Remove Improvements

This subsection provides procedures for dismantling or demolishing buildings, improving soils and other real estate structures, and eliminating these structures or parts of these buildings (hereafter referred to as “dismantling, demolition or disposal of improvements”). (a) the holder inserts the clause of item 52.237-4, the payment by the government to the contractor, in appeals and contracts only for the dismantling, demolition or elimination of improvements, when the contracting agent finds that the holder must pay to the contractor, in addition to the goods that the contractor can obtain under the contract. If the client finds that all equipment resulting from demolition or demolition work must be retained by the government, use the basic clause with your deputy I. If a contract applies exclusively to the removal, demolition or elimination of improvements, 40 U.S.C Chapter 31, Sub-Chapter III, Bonds (cf. 28.102) do not apply. However, the contractor may require the contractor to issue a performance loan or other guarantee (see 28.103) for an amount deemed appropriate by the client; (b) the contractor submits the clause to 52.237-5, the payment by the government to the government for appeals and contracts for dismantling, demolishing or eliminating improvements if the contractor is to obtain ownership of the cutting or demolition and a net amount to the government must be paid to the government. , unless the contractor finds that it would be advantageous to the government for the contractor to pay in stages and for the government to transfer ownership to the contractor only after receiving these payments for property increases. 2. The holder pays the government the right to recover and remove materials resulting from dismantling or demolition. Contracts for dismantling, demolishing or eliminating improvements are subject to either 41 United States. C Chapter 67, Laboratory Contract Service Standards, or 40 U.S.C Chapter 31, Sub-Chapter IV, Compensation Requirements (Construction). If the contract is exclusively for the dismantling, demolition or disposal of improvements, the laboratory contract service statutes apply, unless other work is envisaged for the construction, transformation or repair of a public building or public work on that site.

If such additional work is planned, although in the separate contract, the construction wage regulation applies to the construction, demolition or relocation contract. (d) protect the government from damage to adjacent property. (c) the protection of the assets that must be made available to the contractor as compensation; and b) the contract agent verifies the usefulness of all objects that may be retractable to the government. Any property more useful to the government than its value as a salvage value to the contractor should be explicitly stated in the withholding contract by the government. The holder determines the fair value of an unselected property, since the holder receives ownership of that property, and its value is therefore important in determining the eventual payment made to the holder and whether additional compensation is paid at the time of termination of the contract. (b) the protection of property to be retained by the government; (1) the government pays the contractor the costs of dismantling or building; or.