Agreement Diligence Checklist

An acquirer must be prepared to adapt his diligence according to the availability and quality of the documents provided. Depending on the provider and for a variety of reasons, such as confidentiality or ease of practice, access to certain documents can range from limitation to strict visualization and notes to the provision of full copies. Some duties of care are repeated under different titles. Please print this due diligence checklist by clicking on the “Print this page” link at the top of this page; You can print it on a printer or save it as a PDF. You can also copy the list into a calculation table and adapt it to your needs. You can also refer to our Day-1 checklist and the Post Merger Integration white paper, two complementary themes that go hand in hand with a due diligence audit for acquisitions. In our Dee Diligence Vendor newsletter, we discuss the benefits for a potential supplier to initiate its own due diligence audit before launching a sales process. The following due diligence checklist is broad, but generic to be applied to the widest range of target organizations. In collaboration with legal, accounting, tax and corporate advisors, a potential acquirer would cross-reference the list of the situation in question (listed limited company, private company, partnership, individual company, etc.). This checklist does not necessarily contain certain elements of due diligence, usually performed by some consultants; These include legal registrations, title searches, searches of public registers, etc.